Marlon BeagloBuddy is a beagle. He was born on 2/10/96. He likes to sunbathe, eat, hump daddy's forearm, and do tricks for pigs' ears. He enjoys singing "Happy Birthday" at parties. If Buddy is any indication of your typical breed of beagle, you cannot go wrong with this breed based upon his intelligence and the hours of laughing he has stirred up.

Buddy hates the water, but likes mud. What this means in beagle-ish, we believe, is that he is abhorrent to baths. He has told us this much in "beagle" language - he loves the phrase "do you want" when asked as a question because he anticipates "pig ears," a "walk," to "go outside," or a "treat." However, we also use "a bath."

When "do you want" comes out of our mouths, his beagle ears prick up, and we have his firm attention. When we follow with "a bath," his ears prick down and he looks depressed. This is just one example of his (and we assume the breed's) intelligence.

Other Buddy Photos

Buddy the Clown
Buddy is a Clown. He loves to
pose for pictures!
Bud as Pup
Smiley Bud
Whoever says dogs
can't smile hasn't met
the Budster!
Winking Bud
Apparently, Bud likes
to flirt as well.

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