Here are other doggies whose owners are out and about in CyberSpace... and whose owners have solved the "Guess Buddy's Middle Name Contest" (or had come pretty dern close)...

Buddy Pal 1"Buddy," owned by Mick and Bev Rzicznek from New Wilmington, PA; he was born on July 4, 1996, and was fortunate enough to be adopted by Mick and Bev in June, 1997. He does a number of tricks, but loves nothing more than to "go for a ride" with his owners around town. (Added 1/1/98).
Buddy Pal 2"Penny," owned by the Vance Family in Huntsville, AL. (Added 12/3/98).
Buddy Pal 3"Estee," owned by Trish Jenkins from Anchorage, AK; she was a stray who followed Trish home one day while she was on a run back in 1989. She is getting up there in years and is getting hard of hearing, but she still leads an active life going on long hikes with Trish. Also, she still "roooos" when she wants something. Interestingly enough, her name is derived from the letters "S.D." for stray dog.(Added 12/3/98).
Buddy Pal 4"Max," owned by Elizabeth. Max is a lucky poodle to have an owner sharp enough to have guessed the middle name 100% correctly.(Added 1/10/99).

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