Guess Buddy W. Reed's Middle Name Contest!
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Guess Buddy's Middle Name, and your prize is inclusion of your own doggy's photo in our "Buddy's CyberPals" Area...

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5/2/97 - Guesses have been great so far; but no winners yet
5/3/97 - HINT 1: Buddy's whole name forms a complete sentence.
5/18/97 - HINT 2: Buddy's middle name, by itself, is not a word you would find in the dictionary.
12/20/97 - HINT 3: We've scattered some pretty obvious hints around Buddy's restructured page... one person came very close to the exact answer... but no actual winners, yet.
1/01/98 - HINT 4: Happy New Year! Seems some people miss the obvious... um, Buddy's middle name begins with "W." :) More close answers recently. Hint for those people: the middle name, when said aloud by itself, would not make any sense!

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